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After extensive research on over 500 TVs, our artificial intelligence system then analyzed 23,000 data points. From picture quality to sound technology we have simplified and arranged all the various features. We are here to assist you choose the Magnavox 4K TV that best suit your needs. There are 3 TVs that are worth considering and we will look at them in the following article.

When it comes to purchasing a TV, it's not just about which Magnavox 4K TV is right for you, but what stands out to costumers about the brand. Established in 1917, Magnavox is a popular American brand. In addition to manufacturing TVs, Magnavox specializes in speakers, headphones, and soundbars. Magnavox formed The Magnavox Historical Preservation Association in 2010, which works to collect and preserve the history and artifacts of the company. Now that you've heard a bit about Magnavox, you'll want to hear all about Magnavox 4K TVs.

These 4K TVs have upconverting technology and a wide color gamut, which produces a wider spectrum of color. They have UHD dimming, which helps to virtually eliminate the halo effect and deliver crystal clear visuals. Offering enhanced details, they can display vivid images with very limited distortion or blurring. HDTVs have a greater pixel count than standard definition, creating high-quality, crisp content.

Our Top Ranking TVs:
Our Top Ranking TVs
Customer Rating
Pixel Resolution
3840 x 2160
Customer Rating
Pixel Resolution
3840 x 2160
Best Overall Score
An image of Magnavox 50MV387Y/F7 50-Inch 4K 60Hz TV with Motion Rate 120

Build an exciting entertainment system with the Magnavox 50-Inch 4K TV. Its display has 4K resolution, delivering pictures in crystal clear detail. With backlighting, this Magnavox TV has lights placed behind the screen in a uniform manner for a better, brighter viewing experience. It has Motion Rate 120 for improved processor speed and a high refresh rate. This Magnavox TV has built-in Wi-Fi and an Ethernet port, giving you access to your favorite online videos and games. It has three HDMI ports, enabling you to plug in any of your digital devices and connect them directly to your TV.

    • Designed with backlighting to light up the display to ensure enhanced, more uniform brightness
    • Noise reduction decreases any excess digital noise in a picture
    • Built with a 50-inch screen, making it unsuitable for larger rooms
    • 60Hz refresh rate may have motion blur
Runner Up
An image of Magnavox 55MV387Y/F7 55-Inch 4K 60Hz TV with Brilliant Motion Rate 120

The Magnavox 55-Inch 4K TV delivers remarkable performance for an improved viewing experience. Featuring a 55-inch screen, this Magnavox TV is big enough for you to have all of your friends over to watch movies. Displaying 4K resolution, it ensures drastically improved image quality with extra-fine detail. It features Brilliant Motion Rate 120, which will deliver exceptional speed and smooth movement. This smart TV is perfect for watching all of your favorite news channels and sports apps. It has built-in Wi-Fi and an Ethernet port, providing access to online content, such as movies, games, and shows. This Magnavox Smart TV has three HDMI inputs, letting you connect other devices to your entertainment system. It has a sleep timer, which is an energy-saving function that turns off the television's power after a certain amount of time has passed.

    • Features a 55-inch display, bringing you an enhanced entertainment experience
    • Smart TV capabilities give you access to a variety of exciting features and functions
    • Built with a 55-inch screen, making it suitable for larger spaces only
    • 60Hz refresh rate may cause blurry motion
Additional Picks
An image of Magnavox 65MV378Y/F7 65-Inch HDR 4K TV

If you're looking for access to loads of channels, apps, and other kinds of content, consider the Magnavox 65-Inch 4K Smart TV. With a 65-inch display, this Magnavox Smart TV is big enough for you to have all of your friends over to watch movies. It is designed with 4K resolution and is enhanced by HDR technology for more realistic shades in every picture. It has 4K/UHD Upscaler technology, increasing the pixel count of a lower-resolution image in order to present it on a high-quality television. This smart TV gives you access to your favorite apps, streaming services, and more. It is built with three HDMI ports, letting you plug in all of your devices and connect them directly to your TV. It features built-in Wi-Fi, providing access to online content, such as movies, games, and shows.

    • Features a 65-inch screen, bringing you an extraordinary viewing experience
    • Smart TV capabilities enable you to access to all of your favorite apps and streaming services
    • HDR10 technology for natural hues in every picture
    • 65-inch display makes it suitable for large spaces only
Need Advice Choosing a New Magnavox 4K TV?:
Don't Know Which Size Magnavox 4K TV You Want?
50-64 Inch TVs

Are you debating which screen size to buy? To get you started, we suggest this option for your Magnavox 4K TV. These 50-64 inch TVs are suitable for medium-sized rooms, such as master bedrooms and living rooms. Generally built with the latest and most advanced image enhancement technologies, they are able to deliver the highest quality performance and clarity. They have an optimal viewing distance of 8.25-15 feet, which will deliver the most comfortable home theater experience. However, they are pretty large, magnifying imperfections or flaws. Another drawback is that these need to be placed at eye level, so you won't strain your neck and shoulders while watching TV.

65-80 Inch TVs

If you're searching for a larger TV, consider this one for your Magnavox 4K TV. These TVs are perfect for large rooms, such as media rooms and home theaters. They are generally built with the latest and most advanced picture enhancement technologies and ensure that you'll feel the excitement of each scene, making you feel like you're part of the action. They have a recommended viewing distance of 10-16.25 feet, which will deliver great viewing from any seat in the house. A potential downside is that they are pretty large, so any imperfections can be easily seen while watching TV. In addition, they need to be installed at eye level to eliminate strain on your spine and shoulders.