Element ELSW3917BF 39-Inch HD LED TV (*Replaced by The Newer E2AA40R-G 40″ 1080P FHD Roku TV)

2.0 by user reviews

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  • Features an LED display designed to deliver clear and bright visuals
  • HD resolution ensures improved color and detail
  • Smart TV capabilities give you access to a range of innovative features and functions
  • Built with a 39-inch display, making it unsuitable for larger rooms
  • 60Hz refresh rate may have blurry motion
  • LED lacks side-angle viewing
Product Description

Access your favorite apps and video on demand with the Element 39-Inch HD LED Smart TV. This smart TV allows you to access all your favorite apps and social media sites. With LED technology, the display delivers clear images and a higher level of contrast. The screen has HD resolution to produce movies and videos with improved color and detail.

This Element TV features built-in Wi-Fi, so you can stream your favorite shows and movies online. It features backlighting, providing better contrast, higher brightness, and richer colors. Supporting surround sound, it ensures incredible audio quality to bring movies and shows to life and make you feel like you're right in the action. It is built with three HDMI ports, allowing you to hook up any of your devices and connect them directly to your TV.

Product Information
Screen Size 39-inch
Display Type LED
Resolution Type HD
Pixel Count 1280 x 720
Color Black
Refresh Rate 60Hz
Surround Sound Supported Surround Sound
HDMI Ports 3
Included Accessories 2 AAA batteries
Height Without Stand 21.37 inches
Weight Without Stand 9.26 pounds