Hitachi 40C301 40-Inch HD LED TV

3.3 by user reviews

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  • Built with an LED display to deliver crystal clear and sharp images
  • Equipped with HD resolution to produce any content with excellent color and detail
  • Features direct-lit backlighting technology, providing better contrast and higher brightness
  • Built with a 40-inch screen, making it unsuitable for larger rooms
  • Direct-lit backlighting technology lacks local dimming features
  • LED doesn't have consistent image distribution
Product Description

Experience all the fast-paced action of live sports like never before with the Hitachi 40-Inch HD LED TV. This Hitachi TV has anti-glare screen technology, preventing unviewable reflective spots, so you can watch movies in brightly-lit environments. Featuring an LED screen, it will ensure crystal clear visuals for a remarkable viewing experience. The display has HD resolution, enabling you to watch shows and movies in high-range color.

This Hitachi TV features direct-lit backlighting technology, designed for enhanced color and brightness in each picture. It supports surround sound, delivering exceptional audio quality. It is built with three HDMI ports, allowing you to plug in any of your devices and connect them directly to your TV. This Hitachi TV has a sleep timer, which is an energy-saving function that shuts off the television's power after a certain period of time has passed.

Product Information
Screen Size 40-inch
Display Type LED
Resolution Type HD
Pixel Count 1280 x 720
Color Black
Display Technology Anti-glare screen technology
Backlight Technology Direct-lit
Surround Sound Supported Surround Sound
HDMI Ports 3
USB Ports 1
Special Features Sleep timer, V-chip
Included Accessories Owner's guide, quick-start guide, remote control, batteries